Best Bitcoin Roulette Sites & Crypto Casinos for 2024

Find the best bitcoin roulette sites and see how to get the most valuable bonuses in 2024. From the most popular games to the pros and cons of crypto roulette, we covered everything you need in this detailed guide.

Are you a roulette fan looking to play your favorite game at crypto casinos in 2024? Then look no further, as we have prepared the ultimate guide to Bitcoin roulette!

On this page, we will cover how to play crypto roulette and how to identify the very best Bitcoin roulette sites.

After many hours of research, we found the best crypto casinos for roulette players, which offer the highest bonuses, most valuable promotions, and the best crypto roulette games.

We will cover the best roulette site, the rating criteria you should focus on, and the five best roulette games you want to try out.

Top 3 Crypto Roulette Casinos

Let’s get started with a quick look at the top three crypto casinos for roulette players.

1. Bitcasino – Play All Top Roulette Variations

Originally founded in 2014, Bitcasino was one of the pioneers of Bitcoin gambling and one of the most innovative sites of the time.

Bitcasino offers plenty of fun and exciting crypto roulette games.

That said, it is a slightly unorthodox crypto casino that requires players to fully verify their identities, denying the opportunity for anonymous play.

Yet, if you are simply looking for a place to play Bitcoin roulette instead of one to play anonymously, Bitcasino is easily one of the best picks you could make.


  • Great selection of roulette games
  • Valuable casino bonuses
  • Many crypto coins are accepted
  • The casino is beloved by thousands of players


  • No anonymous gameplay
  • You must register for full access to the site


2. Stake – Join Fun & Provably Fair Roulette Games

Widely regarded as the best crypto casino today, Stake was founded in 2017 and has since expanded beyond the size and scope of most other BTC operators.

At Stake, you will have access to a plethora of virtual and live Bitcoin roulette games, which you can play using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

The site is highly secure and uses modern methods like two-factor authentication and SSL certificates to protect you.


  • Licensed and highly secure casino
  • Thousands of casino games are available
  • Countless promotions on offer
  • Provably fair roulette games
  • Get cashback on your losses


  • No welcome bonus is offered
  • Some transaction fees may apply


3. KatsuBet – Get The Most Valuable Bonus

If you are looking for something new and unorthodox, KatsuBet may be the crypto roulette site you are looking for.

Today, you can enjoy semi-anonymous play at dozens of popular roulette versions for any stakes at KatsuBet.

This Japanese-themed online casino started in 2020 and quickly became a major player in the crypto iGaming world, with thousands of games added into their lobby.


  • Many different promotional offers
  • Incredible selection of crypto games
  • Very fast payouts


  • Withdrawal limits can be low
  • Cashouts can require a withdrawal fee


Bitcoin Roulette Sites vs. Traditional Online Casinos

bitcoin roulette sites

While crypto roulette is a relatively new game in bitcoin casinos, this game has been around for nearly two decades at traditional sites.

For that reason, it is worth considering the two different versions of the game to find out why you should or should not play it using crypto coins.

Let’s examine some of the biggest pros and cons of playing crypto roulette.

⭐ Advantages of Bitcoin Roulette #1 – Play from Anywhere

One of the biggest upsides of playing roulette at crypto casinos is that you can play from almost anywhere.

Since crypto operators don’t discriminate too much regarding geolocation, few players won’t be able to find the right online casino for them.

Even those crypto casinos with some restrictions will usually let you play using a VPN service and won’t ask you to confirm your address.

This means anyone can play crypto roulette, and considering the restrictive nature of online gambling in many legal jurisdictions, this can be a major upside.

⭐ Advantages of Bitcoin Roulette #2 – Anonymous Play

Crypto casinos are known for their discretion. For the most part, the only thing they care about is that you are over the age of 18, which is the only requirement you may need to prove at some point.

However, you won’t need to submit documents to play or even submit your name, address, or other details.

These details may be asked if you attempt a withdrawal, and usually only in cases of large withdrawals.

This means that you can play completely anonymously for the most part or pass a simple and fast KYC procedure that is far less invasive than those you can expect from traditional casino sites.

⭐ Advantages of Bitcoin Roulette #3 – Provably Fair Roulette

If you often doubt the regularity of online casinos and their games, provably fair algorithms are your ideal solution.

These blockchain-based algorithms allow you to confirm the fairness of all crypto roulette games you want to play beyond any doubt.

You won’t need to trust any third-party auditor or regulating body but only yourself and your own eyes, as provably fair games allow you to confirm their fairness yourself.

⭐ Advantages of Bitcoin Roulette #4 – Affordable Transactions

If you play for high stakes, moving money around online casinos can get expensive when using fiat.

Cryptocurrencies can be deposited and withdrawn with far lower costs and fees, which means you save a lot of money in the process.

Crypto transactions are some of the most affordable in the world, and you can virtually count out the fees associated with them compared to traditional fiat transactions.

⭐ Advantages of Bitcoin Roulette #5 – High Stakes Roulette

While many traditional casinos allow you to play for relatively high stakes, Bitcoin roulette casinos go a step further in this regard.

You can play roulette for incredibly high stakes at some of the top crypto casinos, making them an ideal setting for all the high rollers.

A crypto casino is a right pick for you if you like to up the stakes and play really high.

⭐ Advantages of Bitcoin Roulette #6 – Huge BTC Bonuses

Another great perk of crypto roulette sites is that they offer much larger bonuses. Bonus hunters find BTC casinos the best places to multiply their money as deposit bonuses are often many times bigger than those you can expect at a regular casino site.

I highly recommend never playing at online casinos that don’t offer good welcome bonuses and using crypto casinos to double and triple your initial deposits in crypto coins.

🛑 Downsides of Bitcoin Roulette #1 – Crypto Volatility

Probably the biggest reason anyone would want to avoid playing at crypto casinos is that crypto coins can be very volatile.

It is not uncommon for a cryptocurrency to lose half its value in just a day or two, making it somewhat risky to hold on to them.

If you make deposits into casino accounts to play crypto roulette, you should be aware of the current price of your coins and any major shifts in the market.

Fortunately, BTC casinos are usually very fast with processing withdrawals, so you will get your coins quickly if you want to cash out and sell them.

🛑 Downsides of Bitcoin Roulette #2 – Lack of Regulation

Crypto casinos are usually far less regulated and overseen than traditional casino sites. While top crypto sites operate under serious gaming licenses, the oversight of these regulators is still less intense than that of major European or US regulators.

Therefore, you should be careful which Bitcoin casinos you trust your money with and where you choose to play.

I recommend only playing Bitcoin roulette at sites with a long history and strong reputation, as well as those with provably fair games and other security assurances.

How to Pick the Best Crypto Roulette Casinos

Best Crypto Roulette Casinos

The bitcoin gambling sites listed above are some of the best and most reliable crypto casinos you can find. However, I recommend doing more research before you pick any particular site to play at.

While we have listed casinos that offer the best and most comprehensive offer for roulette players, there are some things that only you can decide.

Namely, as a player, you may have some requirements and preferences that other players don’t. For that reason, I recommend looking at the following criteria when choosing your casino and rating each operator for yourself before you sign up.

#1. License and Security

Your security is one of the first things you should be concerned about when gambling online. This is especially true when you are playing with Bitcoin or other cryptos.

Therefore, you should ensure that any operator you are looking to play with has a gaming license from a reputable regulator and is generally considered secure.

Crypto casinos with Curacao gaming licenses are usually fairly safe. On top of the license, you should also look at the operator’s reputation among players and the reviews published by reputable industry insiders.

Provably fair algorithms, SSL certificates, high-end encryptions, and two-factor authentications are among the features to look out for in ensuring you are safe and secure when playing crypto roulette.

#2. Anonymous Gaming

Bitcoin roulette players enjoy more privacy and anonymity than those who play at traditional casinos, which is often very much appreciated, especially among high rollers.

Crypto casinos are not obligated by their licenses to adhere to the strict KYC procedures employed by regular casinos, which gives them the ability to allow players a lot more privacy.

Many operators will allow you to register using only an email address, and that’s often the only piece of information you will ever have to provide.

If you value your privacy above all else and don’t enjoy anyone spying on your business, then crypto roulette is a great option.

#3. Roulette Games Selection

While some roulette wheels can be considered better than others, you probably want to play at a casino with many different roulette games on offer.

When looking at your options, make sure to check out what crypto roulette games are available and sign up with the casino that offers the games you like and enjoy playing.

You could also play at any crypto casino that offers your favorite roulette games, as long as it satisfies all the other criteria, as you likely want to avoid roulette games with a lower RTP anyway.

#4. Bonuses and Promotions

Crypto casinos are known for providing their players with some of the most valuable bonuses; you should take full advantage of this.

When looking for a place to play Bitcoin roulette, you should make sure that the operator you sign up with offers you a valuable welcome bonus to get you started.

On top of that, make sure to look at recurring roulette promotions, the operator’s loyalty scheme, and any other form of cashback or kickback you can get.

The more money a casino is willing to give back to you, the more likely you will come out on top when gambling there.

#5. Customer Support

One area in which some crypto-based online casinos don’t do as well as their traditional counterparts is customer support.

Many crypto sites don’t offer live chat support or don’t offer it around the clock, which can be a bit of a nuisance if you end up needing some help.

Before playing for significant stakes, you should look into what customer support options are available and even test out the support department yourself.

Contact customer support with some questions and see how fast they answer and how helpful those answers are. If you are satisfied with the service, you can proceed to make your deposit.

How to Play Roulette with Bitcoin

bitcoin gambling roulette

We have shown you some of the top-ranked Bitcoin roulette sites and taught you how to rate and rank them for yourself. Now, let’s talk about the actual steps you need to take to get into action.

If you want to play crypto roulette online, you only need to follow these simple steps:

  • Pick a crypto roulette site to play at
  • Purchase your crypto coins from a crypto exchange
  • Make your first deposit and claim a welcome bonus
  • Pick a roulette game to play and get started

Purchasing Bitcoin and other cryptos from a reputable crypto exchange is the most common way most players get their coins. However, a number of crypto casinos also allow you to purchase your coins directly from them, which makes the whole process even simpler.

Whether you choose one or the other option, the entire process of acquiring cryptocurrencies should not take more than a few minutes from the moment you decide to purchase them to the time you deposit them into your casino balance.

If you need some help with depositing cryptos into your balance, you can also ask the casino’s customer support representatives, and they will help you out if the operator you chose has a solid customer support department.

Most Popular BTC Roulette Games

crypto roulette games

While roulette might look like a one-sided game, it has many variations, and you can find plenty of options at the best bitcoin casinos.

We listed the most popular bitcoin roulette variations if you have doubts about where to start.

⭐ Lightning Roulette from Evolution

Lightning Roulette from Evolution is one of those games that set a new standard for the industry, causing numerous software developers to create similar games in its wake.

The game resembles classic European Roulette but offers special multipliers for random numbers on each spin, allowing you to win jackpots while playing roulette.

Gone are the days of dull spins where nothing new and exciting could happen. With Lightning Roulette, every spin can be absolutely massive, and you can win hundreds of times your bet without any additional betting.

⭐ European Roulette from BGaming

Are you looking to play the classic European Roulette game without twists or turns and simply enjoy the same mechanics you are used to from your live casino?

European Roulette from BGaming is a classic BTC roulette game that allows you to make high stakes bet on a 37-number wheel and spin away at your speed and leisure.

Enjoy European Roulette for casual and highly intuitive gameplay, and don’t give away any more house edge than is necessary.

⭐ Double Ball Roulette from Evolution

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if two balls were spinning on the same roulette wheel simultaneously?

You can now find out with Evolution’s Double Ball Roulette, a live crypto roulette game that features double winning opportunities and an exciting real casino feel that makes the game come to life.

Play with attractive and engaging live casino dealers, enjoy the extra winning opportunities, and make huge Bitcoin bets with some of the top crypto casino operators.

⭐ Mega Roulette from Pragmatic Play

Another exciting version of live crypto roulette, Mega Roulette from Pragmatic Play, comes with win multipliers between 50x and 500x on random numbers each spin.

The software provider did a great job of creating a fun and suspenseful studio atmosphere for the game while engaging hosts ensures every spin is an adventure in its own right.

Check out Mega Roulette if you want some extra gambling and a fun game where you can walk away a big winner with just a few lucky spins.

⭐ Football Studio Roulette from Evolution

Another exciting live crypto roulette game from Evolution, Football Studio Roulette, is equally as fun for football fans as for high rollers and gamblers. While it is not something you will find at bitcoin betting sites, the game actually has assimilation with this popular sport.

The football-themed game takes the classic roulette and transforms it into something more by adding new rules and elements and making gameplay even more exciting.

If the allure of old-fashioned roulette tables is getting stale and outdated, Football Studio Roulette from Evolution is the perfect game to break the cycle and enjoy something completely new.

Try Bitcoin Roulette Today

Now you know everything you need to start playing bitcoin roulette games online and enjoy a different experience compared to traditional sites.

Pick the best crypto roulette site based on game variations, bonuses, and the extra value you can get.

From high-stakes bets to anonymity and provably fair games, BTC roulette has a lot to offer to everyday players. Just make sure to gamble responsibly and in moderation, and have fun.


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