Bitcoin blackjack has taken crypto casinos by storm and become one of the most popular games.

This guide will show you where to play Bitcoin blackjack games for the best experience, which blackjack variants offer the best returns, and much more.

Let’s start by looking at the best Bitcoin blackjack casinos you can sign up with today.

Top 3 Bitcoin Blackjack Casinos

While you can find crypto blackjack games in almost all bitcoin casinos, some sites are clearly better than others for this specific game. We dived deep into all nuances to identify top online bitcoin casinos specifically for blackjack, so let’s look at the list.

1. Cloudbet – Get The Most Valuable Bonus

First founded in 2013, Cloudbet has been one of the top iGaming sites in the crypto world for nearly a decade and has maintained a pristine reputation throughout that time.

At Cloudbet, you can enjoy over a dozen virtual and live crypto blackjack games with extremely high RTP rates, provably fair algorithms, and high-stakes gameplay options.

Offering two-factor authentication, SSL certificates, and a Curacao eGaming license, the site can guarantee a very high level of security, which many crypto casinos struggle to ensure.


  • Anonymous gameplay is possible
  • Plenty of Bitcoin blackjack tables
  • High levels of security
  • Valuable welcome bonus
  • Fast crypto cashouts


  • Only invited players enjoy VIP perks
  • Deposit handling fees may apply

2. BC.Game – See The House Edge On All Games

Another massively popular BTC blackjack casino, BC.Game has been around since 2017 and catered to thousands of satisfied customers.

BC.Game offers a great selection of blackjack tables, plenty of special promotions, and a high level of gamification, making it one of the most interesting crypto casinos to play at.

Operating under Curacao gaming license, BC.Game offers top-quality service and an equally high-security level. BC.Game will let you play without identity confirmation but may require KYC procedures in case of large withdrawals.


  • Great reputation and high-security levels
  • House edge for blackjack games is displayed
  • You can exchange your cryptos on-site
  • Win 1 BTC through the lucky spin promo
  • Valuable VIP scheme for all


  • You can’t buy cryptos for real money here
  • Some games aren’t available for Freeplay

3. WildCoins – Play All Top Blackjack Variations

A fairly new crypto casino operator, WildCoins only launched in 2021 but has quickly captured the hearts and imaginations of many players.

Yet, WildCoins comes equipped with a huge database of popular blackjack variations and other games, as well as valuable bonuses and other perks that players can benefit from while playing.

Unlike many crypto casinos, WildCoins does not allow anonymous play and requires players to confirm their identity, and acts more like a traditional casino in some other aspects, such as withdrawal speeds.


  • Huge selection of casino games
  • Useful customer support options around the clock
  • Valuable welcome bonus + reload bonuses
  • Quests and tournaments for extra value


  • No anonymous gameplay
  • Slower cashouts than other crypto casinos
  • Less secure than some sites

Crypto Blackjack Pros & Cons 

crypto blackjack

If you consider signing up with one of the top Bitcoin blackjack casinos and playing the game there, you will want to consider all the pros and cons first.

It is worth noticing that the best crypto casinos have many advantages over your typical online casino but also a few drawbacks.

Therefore, we want to make sure you understand both before you start playing. Let’s start with the pros of Bitcoin online casinos and Bitcoin blackjack.

⭐ Advantages of Bitcoin Blackjack #1 – High Stakes Blackjack

If you like to play blackjack for very high stakes, Bitcoin blackjack is probably the best way to go.

Crypto casinos allow much bigger bets than any traditional casino ever would, which is a great advantage if you are looking for high-stakes action.

It is common to see high rollers play at BTC casinos for this exact reason, as many traditional online casinos set their limits too low.

⭐ Advantages of Bitcoin Blackjack #2 – Provably Fair Games

While you can generally trust most licensed online casinos to provide fair games, crypto casinos can prove it beyond any doubt.

With provably fair algorithms on their platforms, crypto casinos allow you to verify the randomness of their RNG yourself.

Playing crypto blackjack with a provably fair algorithm in place means you can be 100% sure you are not being scammed and that every hand is as random as it gets.

⭐ Advantages of Bitcoin Blackjack #3 – Private Gameplay

Crypto casinos are also true masters of keeping their players’ identities private and anonymous.

In fact, you can play crypto blackjack without even sharing your identity with the operators at first, which means no one in the world will know who you are.

If privacy is of exceptional concern to you, Bitcoin blackjack is the perfect solution to your problem.

Avoid the long registrations and complicated KYC procedures that traditional online casinos have in place and enjoy the action.

⭐ Advantages of Bitcoin Blackjack #4 – Affordable Transactions

If you play high-stakes blackjack and often move a lot of money around, the banking fees associated with the transactions can quickly build up.

Fortunately, crypto casinos also offer a solution for this problem, as crypto transactions are much cheaper than any classic option.

Avoid paying any unnecessary fees when cashing out your winnings and transferring funds, and enjoy every last cent of the money you make at the tables.

⭐ Advantages of Bitcoin Blackjack #5 – Huge Casino Bonuses

Welcome bonuses offered by crypto blackjack sites are often 10x bigger than those offered at traditional casinos, and that’s only the start.

On top of the generous welcome bonuses, top crypto casinos also offer a lot in terms of regular promotions, VIP clubs, cashback, and more.

If you are looking for value and want to play for high stakes, there will be a lot more available at major Bitcoin casinos.

🛑 Disadvantages of Bitcoin Blackjack #1 – Less Regulated Sites

While the Bitcoin blackjack casinos we listed on this page are all quite safe to play at, it is true they are not as heavily regulated as most traditional sites.

This means that they don’t answer to the same regulators and legal bodies and may be able to get away with more if they want to.

If you don’t like taking any chances in terms of security and safety, crypto casinos may not be the ideal place for you.

However, keep in mind that these blackjack casinos are also licensed by Curacao eGaming and that it is in their best interest that players continue to provide them with the best possible reviews and feedback.

🛑 Disadvantages of Bitcoin Blackjack #2 – Crypto Regulations

Like the casinos, cryptocurrencies are not heavily regulated, so you expose yourself to some risk anytime you use them.

The risks associated with crypto trades and their use online are well-known, and you should be careful with how you use them and which cryptos you choose to buy.

Keep in mind that cryptos are not considered money in most countries in the world, and unlike fiat transactions that your bank may help you get back in case of any fraud, crypto transactions are pretty much irreversible.

🛑 Disadvantages of Bitcoin Blackjack #3 – Crypto Volatility

Not only are cryptos not as well regulated as traditional money, but they are also incredibly volatile and unpredictable.

It is not uncommon for a cryptocurrency to go up or down by 50% in a matter of a week or even less, and these jumps are sometimes completely unpredictable.

When dealing with cryptos, you should be ready for this kind of variance and volatility and know the value of the cryptos you are trading at all times.

How to Pick the Best Bitcoin Blackjack Casinos for You

Best Bitcoin Blackjack Casinos

With hundreds of crypto gambling sites offering Bitcoin blackjack games, picking the one to play can be challenging.

To help you make the right choice, we have listed the top rating criteria for picking the best online casinos to play crypto blackjack.

Make sure to consider all of these, but focus on the ones that matter the most to you personally.

#1. Casino License and Reputation

Your security is the number one thing you should concern yourself with when it comes to online crypto blackjack casinos.

Many crypto sites are completely unlicensed and don’t care about their players’ security nearly enough, so you should make sure to only play at reputable sites.

All top crypto casinos operate under Curacao eGaming licenses, adding a layer of security and reliability. So the first step is determining if the casino you are looking at has an operating license.

Furthermore, make sure to find out more about the operator’s reputation before you sign up for any casino. Find out what other players are saying and check out reviews from industry insiders like the ones on this page.

#2. Bitcoin Blackjack Game Selection and RTP

Blackjack may be a single game in principle, but the truth is that there are many versions available, and you may want to try many different ones for various reasons.

That’s why you should always pick a casino that offers many different Bitcoin blackjack games, such as Blackjack Switch, European Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, and others.

These games have some pros and cons, and they all have different RTP rates. By playing at a casino with many different options, you can always maximize your returns and ensure you aren’t leaving any money on the table.

#3. Live Crypto Blackjack Games

Playing blackjack against the computer is fun, but playing it against live dealers with real cards is even more exhilarating.

If you are a true blackjack fan, you should look to try live crypto blackjack, where all the action is happening in real-time and with real dealers.

There is absolutely no substitution for the real casino feel and seeing the cards roll off and give you the blackjack, so I recommend including the availability of live blackjack games in your decision-making process.

#4. Bitcoin Blackjack Bonuses

Crypto casinos are in the habit of providing players with plenty of extra value in the form of bonuses, and you will want to make full use of this perk.

However, you also need to ensure that the bonus you are taking is not made for slots players exclusively and that you can clear it by playing crypto blackjack.

If you can find a large bonus with a reasonable playthrough rate at BTC  blackjack games, you may just be looking at a significant increase in your overall RTP rate.

#5. The Loyalty & VIP Schemes

Another important thing for players playing BTC blackjack is the casino’s VIP program, especially if you play blackjack with big bets.

Many major Bitcoin casinos give back a lot of money through their loyalty schemes, and as a blackjack player, you could be eligible for huger long-term returns.

Ensure you understand the operator’s VIP program before signing up and know what you will get back for your loyalty to the casino.

#6. Crypto Cashout Speed

Finally, you only want to play at BTC casinos that can cash out your winnings quickly and without any fuss.

The top crypto casinos will pay out any reasonable cashout request within minutes, and you should settle for nothing less.

Remember that waiting for your cashouts in cryptos can mean that you lose money as the prices change and your crypto possibly becomes less valuable.

You want to have access to your coins at all times, which can only happen at casinos that process cashouts in a reasonable timeframe.

How to Play Bitcoin Casino Blackjack

bitcoin casino blackjack

If you are still wondering exactly how to get involved with crypto blackjack, the process is actually quite simple.

Just follow these simple steps, and you could be in action within minutes:

  • Choose the best crypto casino for BTC blackjack
  • Acquire your crypto coins from a reputable crypto exchange
  • Make your first deposit to claim a welcome bonus
  • Choose your blackjack version and start playing

While buying cryptos from reputable exchanges is the most popular way, many BTC casinos will also let you buy them directly at the casino.

If this is the case, you may be able to avoid using any exchanges at all and jump right into the action by buying coins through your casino account, saving even more time and effort.

Most Popular BTC Blackjack Games

BTC Blackjack Games

If you are new to the world of crypto blackjack and crypto casinos, here are the three games I highly recommend trying out:

⭐ Multihand Blackjack from BGaming

Multihand Blackjack is an extremely exciting variation of classic blackjack that allows you to play up to three hands of the game at the same time.

The game is run by a random number generator and accompanied by fun sounds and amazing graphics. The gameplay is smooth and fast, and the ambiance is unparalleled.

If you want to play your hands quickly and make up to three large bets simultaneously, Multihand Blackjack from the BGaming studio is an ideal game for you.

⭐ Blackjack Low from Playson

If you enjoy playing BTC blackjack with smaller bets, Blackjack Low from Playson is the game to try.

The game allows you to play up to five hands at the same time in a simulated casino environment with a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

The game offers subtle and enjoyable sounds, fast and easy gameplay, and affordable stakes that let anyone enjoy the game for hours without too much financial risk.

⭐ Lightning Blackjack from Evolution

Like I already said, crypto blackjack is most fun when it’s played with real dealers, and Lightning Blackjack from Evolution is one of the most entertaining live blackjack variants out there.

In this exciting game, you will get to win special multipliers on your hands that go far beyond anything you could win in a single hand of classic blackjack of any sort.

Like many Evolution live casino games, Lightning Blackjack is a super-powered and highly volatile game that will put your nerves to the test and stretch out your bankroll.

Yet, if you want real gambling and are ready to take big risks for big rewards, this is probably the most promising crypto blackjack game out there.

Try Online Bitcoin Blackjack Today

Now you know all of the pros and cons of bitcoin blackjack games, so you can decide for yourself if this is something you want to try

With plenty of exciting variations, big bonuses, and anonymous high-stakes action, there is hardly anything not to like with blackjack crypto games.

Just pick the site you like the most and try it out yourself. If you are looking for different types of gambling, you can also visit bitcoin slots and our guide for bitcoin roulette to see various options.


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