Best Bitcoin Betting Sites & Crypto Sportsbooks for 2024

Find the best bitcoin betting sites online and enjoy top bonuses at crypto sportsbooks. Whether you are a casual punter or a professional gambler, we have an offer for you!

Best Bitcoin Betting Sites

The world of sports betting has never been bigger, and the introduction of crypto sportsbooks in recent years has only made it even more competitive.

With more and more countries regulating sports betting within their borders and limiting players’ access, Bitcoin betting sites often offer an alternative.

If you are looking to bet on sports with some of the best bitcoin betting sites, you have come to the right place.

In this guide to crypto sports betting, we will list the best bitcoin betting sites in the world, explain how to bet with cryptocurrencies, and dive into the pros and cons of these sites.

Let’s start by taking a look at five of the best Bitcoin betting sites you can sign up with today.

1. Cloudbet – Get The Best Odds

One of the most popular crypto betting sites out there, Clodbet provides sports fans with an incredibly immersive experience all-round.

Cloudbet offers thousands of betting markets across all sporting events worldwide, accepts dozens of cryptos, and includes a comprehensive online casino platform on top.

At Cloudbet, you can expect very favorable betting odds compared to other crypto sportsbooks and a ton of value through regular promotions and bonuses for existing players.


  • Great sports betting odds
  • Huge range of betting sports and markets
  • Modern and intuitive platform
  • Great online casino
  • Dozens of promotions and bonuses


  • Fiat currencies are not accepted
  • Some history of player disputes
  • Some geographical restrictions

2. Stake – Join Valuable Promotions

Stake is one of the most popular crypto sports betting options, offering a modern and easy-to-use interface and platform.

At Stake, you will find more betting options than you can possibly need, along with plenty of added perks.

The operator offers a social betting platform where you can share your insights and results with other community members and much more.

Instant registration with your email address is available, with easily reachable customer support, plenty of great promotions, and a full casino platform.


  • One of the best platforms around
  • Reputation for fair dealing with players
  • Live support around the clock
  • Instant registration
  • Social sports betting platform


  • Some geographical restrictions
  • VIP perks instead of welcome bonuses

3. BC.Game – Find All Top Sports Markets

Another crypto sportsbook that was founded relatively recently, BC.Game sprung up in 2017 and has quickly built up a solid reputation in the iGaming industry.

With an almost perfect reputation, the ability to make anonymous sports bets, and an active crypto exchange on-site, BC.Game is another great option for crypto sports bettors.

You can easily bet on any type of sport you want on this platform, and with a little luck, you could even be the winner of 1 BTC, which is given away via the Lucky Spin promotion.


  • Anonymous betting possible
  • Provably fair gaming
  • Highly lucrative VIP scheme
  • Integrated crypto exchange


  • Betting odds aren’t always the best
  • Doesn’t allow you to buy cryptos for fiat money

4. – Get Free Bets

First launched in 2016, is another Bitcoin sportsbook worth noting in this guide. The operator offers services in a dozen languages, accepts all major cryptos, and provides generous promotions for new and existing players.

You can play with crypto and fiat money at, bet on anything you can imagine, or even play casino games on the platform.

The user interface is very player friendly and simple to use, while the fact has run for so long without any major scandals means they are a site you can trust with your money and time.


  • Modern and user-friendly platform
  • Thousands of betting markets are available
  • Many recurring promotions with great value
  • Highly reputable and trustworthy
  • The fully-fledged online casino platform


  • No welcome bonus is available
  • VIP scheme best for high rollers

5. 22bet – Join Anonymous Betting

A very modern-looking online sportsbook aimed at players from nearly all jurisdictions, 22bet was only launched in 2018 but has quickly become one of the leaders in the field.

At 22bet, you can expect plenty of betting markets for any important sporting event anywhere in the world and reasonable odds.

Moving money in and out of 22bet is a breeze, while the security measures in place make this one of the safest options for crypto gamblers.


  • A good offer of betting markets
  • Solid betting odds
  • Strong security measures in place
  • Massive online casino
  • Anonymous betting possible


  • Only sports bettors get a bonus
  • Some cryptos are not accepted

How to Choose Your Bitcoin Sportsbook – Main Factors to Consider

bitcoin sportsbook

There are many different things to look at when choosing which crypto sportsbook to bet with, especially if you consider the vast number of options you have.

Dozens of Bitcoin-powered sportsbooks are available, but not all of them are recommended to bet with.

We have listed the top five betting sites in the world, but there are also other sportsbooks you may want to look at. What’s more, there are things to consider even if you choose one of these five.

To help you make your choice, I will talk about the most important criteria for choosing the best Bitcoin gambling sites to deposit your coins.

You may choose one or more betting sites that give you the most entertainment and monetary value, but make sure you do your due diligence before you deposit your Bitcoin into any of them.

⭐ Trustworthiness and Licensing

Perhaps the most important thing when talking about crypto betting sites is their trustworthiness and whether a site is reputable enough for you to bet real money.

It is no secret that many crypto sportsbooks launched over the years were fraudulent and created to get players to deposit funds they would never see again.

Since Bitcoin betting sites almost exclusively run from offshore locations in questionable legal jurisdictions, knowing which sites you can trust is important.

I highly recommend looking at licensing first.

Don’t even consider joining a betting site with no license. Preferably, you want your betting operator to be licensed by a regulator such as Curacao eGaming, which regulates many reliable crypto-betting sites.

Furthermore, make sure to do some research and find out if the operator has been involved in any scandals in the past.

You don’t want to get involved with sportsbooks that have defrauded players in the past or acted in bad faith toward their customers regarding bonuses, cashouts, or anything else.

Once you are satisfied that an operator is clean, try making a small deposit and some small bets to test the waters before you commit to anything bigger.

⭐ Availability in Your Location

While Bitcoin betting sites typically accept players from many different parts of the world, there are still some limitations occasionally.

You should ensure that the site you intend to bet on accepts players from your country before you jump in and start betting there.

One thing that crypto betting sites often allow is for players to register an account and start betting with just their email addresses.

However, this can be problematic if the operator does not accept your country. Once you intend to pay out your winnings, you will not be able to pass the KYC procedure, and your funds may get stuck.

Always make sure to check before you start betting, and preferably create a full account and confirm it before making any significant real money bets.

⭐ Betting Markets and Odds

As a sports bettor, you also want to make sure that there are plenty of bets to be made and that you are getting a fair price on your wagers.

The best crypto betting sites are just as comprehensive as the fiat betting operators, offering hundreds of betting markets daily.

The level of sports coverage you want to see will depend on your preferences. You want to make sure that the sports you enjoy betting on are fully covered and that many different markets are available within them.

Regarding betting odds, I highly recommend comparing your newly found crypto sportsbook prices with some of the major fiat betting operators from the UK and Europe.

You should not bet on the site if there are significant price discrepancies. The prices at crypto betting sites should always match those of fiat sportsbooks within a few points.

Don’t settle for less, and sign up with a cryptocurrency betting site that will give you a fair price on every bet you make.

⭐ Welcome Bonus & Promotions

Welcome bonuses are one of the major pros of Bitcoin betting sites, as many offer large bonuses for players depositing cryptocurrency.

You should try to use this as much as possible and claim your bonus in full when you first sign up.

Before you do claim any bonus, make sure that the bonus terms and wagering requirements are reasonable and within the scope of what’s fair.

Past the welcome bonus, I also recommend researching the recurring promotions that the operator offers and the VIP scheme in place.

Especially if you make large bets frequently, it is important to know that your sportsbook will appreciate your business and give you some kickbacks for your loyalty.

⭐ Cashout Speed & Limits

Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile, which can cause some problems for players if the operators are not swift with withdrawal processing.

You can imagine a scenario in which you request a withdrawal in Bitcoin or another crypto, have it delayed by a few days, and half of the value of that deposit is gone due to the fluctuating price in the market.

While you may have had a chance to sell those coins if you got your cash out in time, the delay in withdrawal processing would make this impossible.

This is exactly why all the best crypto betting sites try to handle their cashouts within minutes, not days, and why this is the standard you should be looking for.

Also, make sure you find out what the withdrawal limits are in the particular sportsbook and consider the amounts you typically bet. Will these limits suffice for your potential winnings?

You should consider these things before making big bets at any particular crypto betting site out there.

Bitcoin Sports Betting – Anonymity When Needed

bitcoin sports betting

Many crypto betting sites allow you to make all your deposits and cashouts in cryptos and never really have to share your personal information. As long as you keep all your money in crypto, you will not have to provide proof of identity or residence in most cases.

Anonymous sports betting can be interesting to some people, although it can also seem a bit sketchy and dangerous to others.

While I personally always recommend confirming your account and having some way to track your betting history and maintain contact with your betting operator, the final choice is yours.

If anonymous sports betting is your cup of tea, then make sure that the operator you play with is really good at this and that there are no reports of things going the wrong way in the past.

You don’t want to even consider making anonymous sports bets with a betting site that’s seen players complain about funds mismanagement, account bans, and other unsavory practices.

Pros and Cons of Crypto Betting Sites

crypto betting sites

From having fun at the best Bitcoin casinos to using it for daily transactions, cryptocurrencies have become present in every industry and are now a common part of the daily lives of millions of people.

But how exactly do crypto betting sites compare to traditional fiat sportsbooks, and which ones are better?

We give you the top pros and cons of using Bitcoin sportsbooks instead of traditional betting sites and let you be the judge of that.

⭐ Bitcoin Betting Sites Pro #1 – Anonymity and Privacy

If there is one thing cryptos can give you, it is privacy. Crypto betting sites let you bet without sharing your personal or banking details, which can be very useful to some players.

Traditional bookies may not accept action from your legal jurisdiction and may even ban your or limit your play if you win too often.

On the other hand, crypto betting sites allow pretty much anyone to play as long as you have the cryptos available to fund your account.

This makes them the ideal solution for players who would rather remain private and not share their betting business with anyone.

⭐ Bitcoin Betting Sites Pro #2 – Affordable Transactions

The fees associated with crypto transactions are lower than any other financial fees out there, and you stand to save quite a bit if you regularly bet large sums of money.

Some studies show that crypto transfers can save you up to 90% of the money you normally pay on banking fees when using traditional means of payment.

What’s even more, crypto transactions tend to be faster and even more secure than regular banking, as you don’t run any risk of someone getting a hold of your credit card numbers.

⭐ Bitcoin Betting Sites Pro #3 – Valuable Welcome Bonuses

Crypto betting sites tend to award players a lot more handsomely than traditional bookies, and this is because they save so much money on operating costs that they can afford to splurge.

Welcome bonuses for players depositing in cryptos can be insane compared to fiat currencies, which may be one of the biggest advantages of using bitcoin betting sites.

Not only are welcome bonuses massive, but their playthrough requirements tend to be quite fair, and the value doesn’t stop there.

Regular reload bonuses, boosted odds, leaderboards and other promotions, and generous loyalty programs are all a part of the experience of crypto sports betting.

⭐ Bitcoin Betting Sites Pro #4 – Top Betting Platforms

The best Bitcoin betting sites have taken their role seriously and entered the market with impressive betting platforms.

If you think crypto betting sites offer limited functionality, think again, as they actually have some of the best sports platforms in the world.

A huge selection of betting markets, easy navigation, mobile access, and much more can be expected from the leading crypto betting sites.

🛑 Bitcoin Betting Sites Con #1 – Cryptos are Volatile

The biggest drawback of using cryptocurrency for anything is its volatility. Cryptos like Bitcoin and others can fluctuate as much as 20-30% in very short spans, which can negatively impact your betting balance.

If you are betting on crypto sites, you could go to sleep and wake up with much less value in your wallet, but things could go the other way around as well.

While this is ideal for those who like to speculate and gamble, the double gamble may not be everyone’s favorite cup of tea.

🛑 Bitcoin Betting Sites Con #2 – Unregulated Sites

While every betting site we have recommended here operates under a legitimate gaming license, there are many that don’t.

It is not uncommon for Bitcoin sportsbooks to not be licensed at all and offer services completely outside the scope of any regulation.

This can be extremely dangerous for many reasons, and I heavily recommend only betting at sites with a proper gaming license.

How to Bet at Bitcoin Sportsbooks

bitcoin sportsbooks

Crypto betting is similar to traditional online sports betting in many ways. Yet, there are a few extra steps you will need to take and understand before you can get involved.

Follow these simple steps to get started with BTC sportsbooks today:

  1. Pick Your Crypto Sportsbook: Firstly, you need to choose which sportsbook to bet on. There are plenty of Bitcoin bookies available, so use the criteria I listed to find the best site for yourself.
  2. Login with Your Email: Most crypto betting sites don’t require more than an email to get you started. You can remain anonymous and make your bets without sharing any other details about yourself.
  3. Acquire Your Coins: You will need to own some cryptos to wager them. You can use a crypto exchange such as Binance to acquire Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies and fund your online betting account.
  4. Make Your Deposit: Depositing with crypto sportsbooks is simple. You can transfer your coins directly from your exchange balance to your betting balance and claim a valuable welcome bonus.
  5. Make Your First Bet: You will now be able to make your first crypto sports bet. Make sure you are aware of the value of the coins you are betting before you make your bet, as these can change quite often and impact your bottom line.
  6. Cash Out Your Winnings: Once you have won some bets, you can cash out the same way you made your deposit. Request the money be paid in cryptocurrency, and you will get it in record time.

As an extra option, you might be able to exchange fiat for cryptocurrency directly on bitcoin betting sites, but it is probably safer to keep your funds in your own wallet and only transfer the amount you are using for betting to your favorite sportsbook.

Enter the World of Crypto Sports Betting

Sports betting is fun regardless of how you do it, but making bets with your cryptocurrencies can be even more engaging. That said, fully understand this guide’s details and find a licensed and regulated sportsbook to bet on before you start betting with Bitcoin and altcoins.

Once you are sure you are betting in a safe place, get a hold of some coins and make your first deposit to test the waters.

Remember that crypto gambling can be twice as rewarding and twice as risky as regular betting, as crypto prices are very volatile, so be ready for the variance and enjoy the ride.


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